When does it officially become a tradition?

For the first time in almost ten years my family didn’t spend Christmas at the cottage. We decided to hang back and experience Christmas in the city, take it all in, the lights, the busyness, the energy, the shows and outdoor experiences. We had big plans; big expectations (little did we know, we’d be put back in to lock down due to the ongoing, never ending pandemic….I will not digress). But, we made the best out of it anyway and here’s hoping for a better 2022.

We made this decision a bit late in the game and left our cottage open thinking we would be there for the holidays, so we had to make the trek up there and close it down before the tundra temperatures hit. But another pull got all three of us in the car on a beautiful sunny January day; we needed to keep our “tradition” alive. You see this deck, is our friends cottage two cottages over from ours; we met them seven summers ago and our lives have never been the same since. We spend endless hours on this deck, laughing, drinking, talking, eating, laughing, drinking….you get the point, so every Christmas we walk over to their place and “check on it” and started snapping silly pictures of ourselves and sending it to them wherever in the world they are at the time. It’s our way of staying connected and it gives us all a good chuckle and a chance to start planning and dreaming of the summer ahead.

Here’s to the summer of 2022 and if tradition is any indication, for our two families it’s going to be a good one….I feel it in my bones.

And who taught me how to count btw???

Take One

Take Two

Take Three

Take Four

Take a bow

And…that’s a wrap!

One thought on “When does it officially become a tradition?

  1. Lindsay says:

    Ha! You guys are the best!! I look forward to these annual pics of you three goofballs on our deck!
    Dickey Lake brought us together and I can’t wait to reunite again 😊 Summer will be here soon.
    If you sick of the snow before then, you know where to find us!!! ☀️🌴

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