Deep breaths


So the storm is over and dust is slowly settling; what an adventure. Drywall dust causes a lot of stress, it’s messy, it spreads like the plague and it doesn’t allow you to breath. Hmmm….after writing that; is it the drywall dust or stress of a major renovation? Either sucks and I’m honestly thinking about another book idea; the simple do’s and don’ts of renovating -save time, money and your sanity and buy my book before you do anything else. There’s money to be made off folks like us. From the very first steps of researching the property you’re thinking of purchasing, understanding what can be built and what setbacks you may be facing; to getting the right architect for your needs and one that actually knows what he’s doing?! And the biggest thing is how to find the right contractor for you and for your home. Biggy!! Can’t stress that one enough!!

dusty worker

We thought we’ve been down this road before and we’ll go with someone who comes recommended. We’ve seen his workmanship and we got the “goods” on what he is good at and what he is not. Price seemed right, timeline worked – so it was a go. Wrong!! Oh, so so wrong!!



You’ll have to wait for the book to hear more…. (wink, wink).

But in the end, we found an amazing contractor through our amazing designer and without them our project would have been a complete and utter bust. They saved our project; without a doubt and got us in on time and our home looks fantastic.

My advise would be to breath, take your time in the preparation of the project. We thought we had all the time in the world. We had 3 plus months and that clearly wasn’t enough time to plan, revise, plan, revise and plan some more before a shovel hits the dirt.

It will be awhile before every box is unpacked and all pictures are hung, but for now it’s time to sit back, ignore the persistent ever present settling reno dust and pour ourselves a stiff drink. Too bad our lawn is a mud pit or I’d sit outside and pretend it’s a year from now. As my mother always and still says to this day; This too shall pass.

shaky kid gif dust


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