Movin’ on


Sing it with me…”Well my friends…the time has come….to raise the roof (literally) and have some fun…..”

There really is a moment when you realize the time has come. You can feel the need to move on, start new beginnings, do all the things you’ve been talking and dreaming about for years; you just have to have the courage to take the leap of faith and go for it. It was like a perfect storm and a whirlwind all at once when we found our next home and started dreaming of what that will look like when it’s done. We’ve spent fourteen amazing years in Toronto’s Beaches community, we raised a daughter here, met some incredible friends here, lived the dream life here, but now that chapter is done and it’s time to go and chase other dreams.

As the days creep closer to moving day I thought I would have a tinge of regret; but I don’t. I thought I would feel the pangs of panic that this is the house we raised our daughter in, had so many memories in, it’s so easy living here, we just renovated and love the house we made – but as my fourteen year old daughter says; it’s not the house that creates the memories, it’s the family and we take that with us. Wise little one. But she is so right; I cherish the time spent here and I deeply cherish the friends I take with me. Non of that changes; the only thing that will change my dear friends….is that when I do visit you in our beloved beach establishments….you will no longer be able to make fun of me for driving there!!

Adios and Hasta luego las bonita playas. Muchas gracias.


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