The Dawn of a new day

Ever since posting my last blog, Surviving a Sociopath with a thank you note, my blog stats have hit an all time record high with a steady stream of hundreds of viewers. Typically a week or so after a new post the visits die down a bit and even though the visitor numbers are not as high as the first 10 days after I published that blog, the site visits each day are steady and higher than usual.

So whether it struck a cord, struck a nerve or just allowed people an unobstructed view into my “house” the response I have received has been overwhelming. I got emails, phone calls, texts and Facebook messages that solidified my decision to write about my experience. I was also thankful that more people cut me off and “unfriended” me; It’s just tightening up my circle. It’s the process I needed and wanted to go through so I wish you all well and farewell.

After my daughter read it, she did ask me on our way to school one day; “Why did you write that? We’ve so moved on and I don’t think they’re worth that energy.” Huh! Who knew she actually thought about it that way. But I explained to her that’s exactly why I wrote it. When something is in your rear view mirror and you learned a lesson from it, why wouldn’t you share that? Especially being a writer; that kind of material is gold for us, that’s why we do what we do. If we can help one person or give someone something to think about; then nothing is wasted. And you can only do that after it’s over and you have moved on.

So…speaking of moving on; My brother and I have started on a new journey together, The Sibling Project, which I will write about more in the coming weeks. We’ve been working on it for quite some time but I guess I just needed to go through one more life hurdle before I could see the forest through the trees. Funny how a bump on the head is needed from time to time.

The Sibling Project is being created to help the siblings of sick or injured kids. All too often, and no fault of anyone, the siblings of sick or injured kids get overlooked or pushed aside as the parents need to attend to the hurt child. We have discovered that siblings can help the healing process along for their loved one just by being involved and present in the process. And more importantly the siblings need help, guidance and support along the way too. What my family went through when my brother was electrocuted at age 11 has provided us a special kind of insight to today’s experiences for siblings. We’ve lived our lives maneuvering our way through feelings of fear, abandonment, anger and guilt just to name a few. So this new venture will have many different “arms” (no pun intended) that will reach those in need through our book and personally too. It’s exciting times ahead with lots of work to do.

As the year closes in, the sun has set on my old troubles, worries and woes. It’s the Dawn of a new day and I like the smell of a fresh new start.

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