Butterflies…but no scaredy cats here


It’s been quite some time since I last sat down to write a post and life as we know it is about to change. For 8 years my daughter has been in a small community public school, she graduated in the spring and we’ve decided to put her in private school. It was a tough, but no brainer decision for all of us once we found the right school for her. Her last year at the only school she’s ever known was fantastic for her. She completely blossomed and made some incredible friends that I am sure she will have for a lifetime.

IMG_0315IMG_0387IMG_0392saying goodbye


It’s been fun, but it’s time for a change. She’s so excited to start her new life but at the same time hold on to her old one. It’s nice to see that she understands what’s important to her and what is not and how she is going to make an effort to cherish the things that matter to her. Right before my eyes; she’s turning into a ” real person” and I’m proud to say  a caring, kind and one cool cat of a kid.


Here’s to new beginnings.

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