Do you believe?

I love this message and I believe it from the bottom of my soul, the only thing I don’t like is the word revenge. I get what the creator means, believe me…I get it….but, happily moving on and revenge just don’t go in the same sentence for me.

This image popped up on social media recently and it really resonated with me because for the last two years I have put this concept in motion. And according to the way I see the world unfolding around me; it’s working. Happy attracts happy, good vibes attract a good tribe. Positive thoughts create positive outcomes. If you concentrate on the negative, the nasty things people are saying about you, the unfair things that happen to all of us, then you will continue to attract such negativity. And once the storm cleared and the dust settled in my own life, this message took on a whole new meaning to me and I feel I am sailing through a world of good karma; For no other reason than that’s what I expect.

I remember when I was younger, I used to sit and wait for karma to catch up to certain people. As I kept waiting and wondering why isn’t anything bad happening to those people, I didn’t realize that karma was already in full flight. The more I wanted vindication the less likely is was ever going to come. As soon as I let go and focused on my own life; that’s when karma landed on my lap. For the good and for the bad, I’ve learned some hard lessons along the way, but wouldn’t trade in any of them for anything. Actually, my greatest realization came not more than a year ago, when it dawned on me that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Karma is cause and effect/action and reaction. For the love of Pete, why had that not sunk in yet? I’ve heard that law my entire life, time and time again. Finally! Lesson learned as I no longer react in a way that was predicted of me. At first it was a conscience decision and an effort, but today it’s how I live my life and comes so naturally and easily, that I wonder what took me so long. It’s liberating and feels like pure freedom. Believe me I’m not naive enough to think that I’m forever out of the woods and immune to hard times.  But the older I get the less I care about what other people do and say. It’s not my job to change the world, it’s my job to change my world and make that a better place to live in.

So once you get it; really get it; that karma has nothing to do with anyone else other than yourself, you’ll waste your precious time waiting for “revenge” and that to me is useless. If you can sit back and find happy or find something learnable in every moment good or bad; you’re far better off than those who find comfort in unkindness.

Thank you karma, eternally grateful.


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