Just because.


I know people look at me strange at times and it’s natural to think there’s some kind of ulterior motive to some of the shit I do. I get that, but honestly sometimes it’s just because. I have always attracted stray cats (as my husband calls it) odd friends, people that have some sort of gypsy quality or crazy life story and those are the people I am attracted to. Those are the friendships that last for me. Those that come and go, I often find myself scratching my head and saying, “Didn’t see that coming.” But in the end, I am glad they came and even more glad they went.

This week I found myself in one of those situations. A friend, I don’t even hang out with, but I call her a friend because I just see something in her that is good, natural, what you see is what you get. She always supports me in whatever I am up and I try to do the same for her. So when a dog from her Rescue Center, Dire Woofs took off from her foster home and she called out for volunteers to help search the city…..I didn’t hesitate, I was in there like a dirty shirt. Days and days went by with sightings of Lucy but she was scared and had no one to trust, so she just kept running. One morning last week, I had one free hour in a very busy day. Carly called and asked for volunteers as she heard there was a sighting in a hydro field north of where Lucy was last seen. Long story short (cuz for some –  this happy ending might be ruined by talk of animal psychics and dog communicators….gotta know Carly) but it was just Carly and I who arrived in an open hydro field and if you know me…me in a hydro field??…..not someplace I would choose to be. We weren’t there but 5 minutes and out comes Lucy running toward us through a grassy path. Low and behold a dog walker spotted her and her dogs scared Lucy out from hiding. Carly and I hit the ground so not to scare Lucy….and we waited. She stopped dead in her tracks, likely because she thought we were crazy, two blonde ladies in black coats huddled together sitting on the ground covered with goose crap sending out good positive thoughts, while making no eye contact with the dog, (again…the communicator’s idea). But she stopped and watched us for a while, probably laughing on the inside, and when Carly’s rescue co-founder arrived, that’s when the magic happened. Never have I seen a “dog whisperer in action”. People like that just have a certain something most of us can’t even relate to. I’m glad I got to witness such a once in a lifetime moment. Nicole just sat about 100 meters across from us and stared off into nowhere so Lucy became curious of her. Lucy slowly approached, cautiously curious  – while Nicole gently enticed Lucy closer with food. She delicately took hold Lucy’s leash, which the dog had been dragging around for a week on the run and within minutes it looked like the two of them were out for a casual afternoon stroll.


I was surprised how sweet and gentle Lucy was – not a bark, not a growl, not an ounce of aggression. She welcomed our pats and got in the car without issue. She actually stuck her two front paws over that back seat and was looking at us like…what’s up guys? Not what I was expecting.

And that got me thinking, because I know a lot of people are hesitant of rescue animals, thinking they can’t be trusted just because they’ve had a rough life so far. And it’s true, some can never be rehabilitated; same goes for people but imagine if everyone thought that way of troubled folks and just wrote them off. Yes, there are those that will be damaged for life, but there are others who have come out with a new lease on life. They know what they want and what they don’t (maybe that’s why Lucy decided to take off) who knows, but I’m sure glad my stray cats have welcomed me into their pack for life. I know my colony accepts all my scars, my good days and my bad and really know this stray cat is loyal for life to those who show mercy.

Please consider Dire Woof if you are looking for a new four legged friend. These guys are the real deal and are changing lives for the better; one fury friend at a time.


And I can now honestly say: I Love Lucy.

2 thoughts on “Just because.

  1. Lindsay says:

    Love this! Funny I decide to log on to Facebook today. Guess who we ran into at the park this afternoon? Nicole and Lucy! I was so thrilled to meet the pup that you and Carly managed to find (and Nicole managed to “whisper” back). You are all amazing 🙂

  2. Chris Crisol says:

    This is a really heartwarming story, well-written, and almost made me teary-eyed. Yes, Carly and Nicole are doing amazing things for dogs in need! Thank you for supporting them!

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