New beginnings


As I sit here alone (finally) in the final week of 2015, I am taking the time to reflect on the year I am leaving behind. My daughter of course is hanging with her cottage friends and my husband is over there now having a beer before bringing her home. So I will take this time as we snuggle in for our first winter storm of the year to write some reflective thoughts from the past year as it’s been a very important one.

Some believe that there is not much more to learn in life the older you get…but I strongly disagree as I have had one of the biggest learning years in recent recollection. I have learned that second chances are worth a second look; my old self (or should I say younger self) would have been on a completely different path today had I not learned that people can change, including myself, at any given point in their lives. You have to make a conscience decision that life as you are living it is not working for you; so get up, find a solution and change it. Simple as that. With two willing partners; that is possible. I have also learned that knowing when to let go is just as valuable of a lesson. When someone isn’t happy for your happiness or others hop on the hate wagon just because, I have learned that if I want positivity in my life, I have to let those people go. But letting go of people you know longer feel are good for you doesn’t mean treating them with distain or disrespect.  Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and once I consciously decided to do that all day; every day, kindness came back to me in spades and happiness wrapped around my life like a protective bubble.


My daughter taught me one of the biggest lessons of all this fall. I was one proud momma when I realized what I’ve been telling her since the day she was born, really sunk in. And I need to practise what I preach and that’s to always treat people how you want to be treated. And that means towards everyone; strangers, dumb drivers (lol), old friends and new ones, you get what you give.  Watching her navigate through some strange times this year, I realized; if it doesn’t phase her, than why should it phase me? She instinctively knew that if people aren’t treating you how you want to be treated; than you can find others that will and she honestly has never looked back. And boy have the doors opened up for our family since we’ve taken that lesson, which seems so simple, and put it into action. We have solidified deeper friendships and made some awesome new ones. It allows you to really see what you were settling for and missing out on.

I have realized that change is good. For someone who has moved to as many places as I have in my life, you would think I would welcome change; but I don’t. I like the comfort of familiarity, but recently I have been urning for change and searching for it. I can feel it in my bones and it’s very exhilarating and I can’t wait to get going. I feel like I’m a race horse at the start line, waiting for the gate to open and the bell to ring so I can charge ahead and leave 2015 in the dust.

I know I am sitting on the precipice of the biggest changes in my family’s life, the biggest project of my career, and a huge coup for our charity Hope For Mexico; I can feel the success, because that’s what I choose to focus on.


As I watched the sun set on this Christmas night, I couldn’t help but think of how majestic and magical the brilliance of that is. You feel so small when you are enveloped by such beauty. Each breathtaking sunset is natures promise for a better tomorrow. This year is going to be magical, I can’t wait to get it started. Happy New Year to you, I wish everyone all the happiness your hearts and hands can hold. And I really mean everyone.

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