My book of awesomeness…..

It’s over….adios amigos!! This summer has certainly had it’s ups and downs when it came to cottage ownership but all the other awesomeness outweighed the trouble…that’s for sure. We made new friends, spent time with old ones, shared laughs, stories and heartaches, but all in all, it was a spectacular summer. And thanks to Mother Nature….all you “cottage country” people were right!! We really do get hot and humid days up here. Thank goodness, because I’m not sure I could have gotten through another cold, wet, cloudy summer. So here’s a glimpse at my very own personal book of summer awesomeness….

It started off with a bang in the Canada Day parade and celebration.

IMG_0239 IMG_0218IMG_0293 IMG_0322 IMG_0324Ava discovered a love for horses and got the unique opportunity to learn and ride a mountain trail park, only one of two in Canada….. IMG_0265 IMG_0286 IMG_0346 IMG_0383

She also discovered a love for cowboy boots and plaid shirts….just another country girl at heart….


Another great Dickey Day with friends, new and old. Ava’s summer partner in crime….Aidan. These two peas in a pod formed a fast and lasting friendship for sure…..


My partner in crime….Aidan’s mom, Lindsey….I am certainly looking forward to many more years of friendship with her and her clan at the cottage and in the city…..

IMG_0148 IMG_0188

A great day in Algonquin Park with great friends….


IMG_0432-2 IMG_0423-2 IMG_0404

Bathing beauties…on perfect swimming days….



Another second place in the lake’s annual Golf Tournament…Ava coming running up in the lake’s horseshoe tournament (she must have been tapping into her new found love of horses), pig roasts and plain old fashioned fire side guitar sessions……




Ava’s baking empire with Sue took off….



The smash up derby is something you shouldn’t miss if you cottage, visit or live up in these parts. The Coe Hill Agricultural Fair celebrated it’s 133 year and the people watching is better than any Hollywood movie….believe me….right Meredith??


Daily nature walks….soaking up all that Mother Nature has to offer….


And endless breathtaking sunsets that people write songs about…..


But best of all….the most awesome thing about this summer….I got to spend it with a kid that is my own personal ray of sunshine. Being witness to her making amazing childhood memories is at best; a dream come true. Turning 11 at the cottage, the first time she’s ever been able to celebrate her birthday at this cottage with all her lake friends was a dream come true for her.


Time flies, we all know that, so I am forever grateful I have the privilege of spending our summers up here in our own little piece of paradise for as long as I can convince her to stay.


That’s a wrap….

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