The Fridge.

The winding down of summer brings many emotions to my day….and I discovered that the fridge plays a huge role in my mindset. Yes, I said the fridge. Let me explain….


Let’s start with spring, you arrive to a freshly opened cottage after a long….long….cold winter, you open your fridge to nothing but the bright light and anticipation of what’s to come. It’s sparkling clean, it’s empty and you get to fill it….fill it with the regulars or staples for the summer, neatly organized with labels facing outward for easy viewing. Then always keeping in mind that you gotta leave a little extra room for your guests “stuff”. Excitement starts to bubble as you dream of this year’s guest list and all the fun you have planned for the coming months. Then before you know it…your fridge is overflowing, you’re cursing yourself for buying too much, cursing your friends for bringing too much and you just can’t wait until you can see bottom again. You take a deep breath before you open your fridge because no doubt something is ready and waiting to fall out and land on your freshly painted toes.  All the while, as you search for that one ingredient you KNOW you bought, you unload the food you just put in….blindly reaching all the way to the back….only to find rotting food you forgot you bought for last week’s guests. Kricky!!

And then, as August starts to whittle away, you discover a different set of emotions, pure panic being one of them. First, summer is almost over, did I fulfill all those fantasies I had wayyyyyy back in May of all the fun I was going to have? Then you are hit with the smell of something awful coming from somewhere inside your fridge and you’ll be damned if you can figure out what it is. Then you start to fantasize about chucking everything in that beloved fridge into the garbage and coolers and head back home so you can start fresh in the fridge that has sat empty in the city all summer (or do I?? I seriously forget what’s in there, I left in such a hurry to have fun at the cottage all summer)……then you realize, holy crap we better eat all this food we have up here before heading home, cuz I ain’t carting all this s*#t home with me. Then you start putting together meals that don’t make any sense. Like salmon and spaghetti or bacon wrapped hot dogs with pickled onions and stale chips. You’ll do anything to lighten load and eat up everything you spent your hard earned money on. And that goes for the booze too, drink up…all those fruity coolers….wine spritzers and hard mike’s lemonade….they all go nicely with a good freezer burnt steak?? No?

Then you sit….with a mishmash of grocery store buys in a dirty, sticky….tired fridge, with the blue jays squawking outside your kitchen window…mocking you.  I know they’re laughing at me. They’re laughing that another summer is over and she still can’t get her fridge sh*t together. Until next year….yappy bird….until next year.


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